If the installer is not working for whatever reason, you can try one of the following

Install Microsoft .NET Framework

Render Boss and its installer uses Microsoft’s .NET Framework to function. This comes preinstalled by default in Windows 10. However, we’ve seen cases where it wasn’t installed, so it’s always worth to check.

Make sure you have .NET 4.6 or higher installed. You can download it from the Microsoft website via the following link:


Portable Version

If you are having issues with the installer, but the .NET Framework is installed, you can try the portable version. 

This is a version of Render Boss packed in a way that it does not need to be installed.

Some features like Automatic Updates and other functions might be affected, and if you delete the executable files, your settings and other Render Boss files will stay behind, unless you delete them manually. However it is a great way to try Render Boss without installing it.

To try this, just download the zip file from the button below, and uncompress it anywhere.

Inside your uncompressed files, the main executable is the file called  AE Render Boss.exe inside the Bin folder. Create a shortcut to the desktop for easy access and you’re set.