The easiest way to speed up renders in After Effects

Render Boss brings to your fingertips the ability to render multiple frames in parallel. Whether that’s in the same computer (multiprocessing) or in many computers distributed across a network. It just takes a couple of clicks
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All your machines working as one

Install Render Boss in all your machines. When you send a render, Render Boss coordinates them so they all work as one. And if you need to use a machine, it only takes a couple of clicks to stop it and turn off Render Boss. The other machines will take over and finish rendering without missing a beat.

Push your machine to its limit!

Get the most out of multi-core CPUs. Render Boss monitors the CPU, RAM, and GPU usage in real-time and dynamically adds or removes parallel render instances, using the available resources without choking slower machines.

Seamless Integration

Set your Render Queue as usual. With the push of a single button, Render Boss will spread it across the network, or between your CPU core and stitch the frames into the final file.

You can even choose to finish on Media Encoder instead of After Effects, in case you need H.264 or other outputs supported only by AME.

No fiddling with network settings or command lines

Whether you have one, or twenty machines. It’s easy to setup Render Boss. Just point all the machines to a shared folder then… that’s it, actually.

Control your renders remotely

Once you turn Render Boss On in a machine, that machine will be ready to receive renders.

If you have multiple machines, you can monitor and control them all from a single machine. Get them ready to render, stop a process, etc. No need to get up from your seat.

Detailed Reports

Get the status of all your machines and renders in a simple-to-use web interface that can be seen from any type of device. No need to have Render Boss installed.

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  • Single-Click Multi-Machine videos. Render Boss can automatically split your comps into image sequences to be rendered by multiple machines, then combine them into a single video file, including sound and everything.
  • Smart Multi-Core renders. Get the most out of multi-core CPUs. Render Boss monitors the CPU, Memory and GPU on each machine and dynamically adds or removes parallel render instances. This results in renders that use all the available resources without choking slower machines.
  • Easy to setup multiple machines. Just point them to a shared network folder and that’s it. No fiddling with network settings, no coding, no command lines.
  • Seamless integration with After Effects.
  • Clear ON/OFF button gives you complete control on when your computer is available to render.
  • Control all the machines from a single computer. Turn Render Boss On or Off, stop renders, etc. All without getting up from your seat.
  • Notifications. Get notified if your renders finished correctly, or get warned if there were errors.
  • Output Analysis: In addition to the After Effects warnings, AE Render Boss checks the output files to make sure they rendered well.
  • Detailed Reports. See reports of all the render jobs, in aggregate or per machine.
  • Dynamic Licensing. Each license gives you a certain number of machines to render at the same time. Enter the key in one machine and all the other machines in the Network can use it. And if you turn off Render Boss in one computer, it automatically frees up another machine to render. All in real-time.

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Available for Windows and MacOS
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All plans allow you to install it and send renders from as many machines as you want.

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Important for macOS users: We’ve had reports of compatibility issues with macOS Ventura and Sonoma. We’re trying to resolve them, but in the meantime, we recommend you run the trial version before buying.

Render Boss – Unlimited

Unlimited Machines

Render Boss – Studio

Up to 10 machines rendering at a time

(unlimited machines can send renders)

Render Boss – Freelancer

Up to 3 machines rendering at a time

(unlimited machines can send renders)

Render Boss – Solo

One machine rendering at a time

(unlimited machines can send renders)


If you already have a license key (trial or paid) and just need the installer, you can download it here.

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