Version 1.1

Video Index:

  • 0:32 – New UI
  • 2:35 – Multi-Machine Assistant
  • 5:01 – Stop on Machines Missing Assets
  • 5:39 – Target Machines
  • 6:35 – Final Video Processing
  • 7:17 – Custom Names
  • 7:54 – New Render Info Window
  • 8:28 – Temporary Image Files

Added Support for After Effects 2020. (November, 2019)

New UI. The main focus of this release was ease of use and simplicity. We put the renders front and center, and moved options that don’t to be accessed as often in secondary menus.

Multi-Machine Assistant. Render Boss now will produce better time estimations, and they will improve over time, as it remembers how long previous renders took. This module is in Beta right now, but it’s already an improvement over traditional time-estimations.

Added Clear Renders buttons. For quick and easy cleanup of completed (or all) renders.

Improved the render info window. Double-clicking on an item in the File Queue now shows more information about it, including effects needed, status in other machines, activity, output details, etc.

Improved Post-Render file checkup. Render Boss checks rendered files for misrendered frames, and corrupt video files, and tries to fix automatically if possible.

Post-Render Actions. Now it’s possible to run a custom executable after each render.

Send Logs to Support Button. Now it’s easier than ever to send logs and other files to our team, for quicker support.

Tons of speed and stability improvements. Mostly in communication between machines and render startup. 

Previous Updates

Version 1.0.5

Numerous Under-the-hood improvements, and bugs fixed. There was a big push to improve the engine for this release.

Custom Names. Now it’s possible to name each render before sending it to Render Boss.

Open Rendered Outputs. Open finish renders directly from the File Queue.

Telemetry Module. Render Boss now will produce better time estimations, and they will improve over time, as it remembers how long previous renders took. This module is in Beta right now, but it’s already an improvement over traditional time-estimations.

Render Info Window. Double-clicking on an item in the File Queue now shows more information about it, including effects needed, status in other machines, activity, output details, etc.

Stop on other machines. Now it’s easy to stop a render rendering in other machines via the right-click menu in the File Queue.

Improved Communication between machines. An under-the-hood improvement that brings several advantages. For example:

  • File Queue can now display the status of a particular render in other machines.
  • Combined with the Telemetry Module, Render Boss now can assign the final video conversion to different machines, based on their speed. Ensuring the slower renders are finished by the fastest machines.
  • The aforementioned Render Info Window.

Improved detection of Missing Effects. Now Render Boss immediately detects if a render will have missing effects, before it even starts the render.

Resolved frame synchronization issues. Fixed and issue that arose sometimes when using several machines of wildly different speeds, with multiple threads on each. Those issues sometimes resulted in a faster machine trying to render the final video before a slower machine had finished its frames. Now, the machine designated to render the final video will check for unfinished frames, and render them if necessary.

Added control over temporary frames. Now it’s possible to manually delete or reveal the temporary frames rendered before the videos.

Added remote command to exit app. Now it’s possible to close the app remotely in all the machines. 

Version 1.0.4

  • Features Officially Out of beta:

Targeted Rendering. Now it’s possible to send a render to a specific machine. Other machines can still be added manually.

‘Stop On all Machines’ option. Now it’s possible to stop a specific render on all machines without affecting the machines rendering a different file.

Quick Swap Work Folder. on the AE Extension. Now the extension remembers the previous work folders used, and can be swapped quickly. Useful on environments with different machines rendering different different projects (Quick swap on the app itself has been available for a while).

Faster Sending to Renders. The process to optimize the comps to render with multiple threads has been improved and dramatically sped up in most cases. Especially on Render Queues with a lot of comps.

Better Check for Missing Items. Now you have more granular control on what can and cannot be missing from a project before a machine stops rendering. This reduces the rates of bad frames due to a machine missing footage, fonts or effects, while giving you the flexibility to override each one separately.

Machines and File Queue Sorting: It is now possible to sort items in the File Queue or Machine List.

  • Improved reliability and speed of machines joining a render in process.
  • Now it’s possible to use multiple threads on manually-set multi-machine sequences without turning on the ‘Multiple Machines / Threads’ option.
  • Added compatibility with the latest After Effects (16.0.1)
  • Fixed Issues:
    • Reports where sometimes being created in the wrong folder.
    • Reports where not opening when clicked from the notification bar.
    • Improved issue of over-aggressive cleaning of temporary files (when set to Automatic)
    • File Queue sometimes didn’t refresh automatically
    • Optimizing for multiple machines was breaking the sound on certain precomps.
    • Other small improvements.

Version 1.0.3

  • Targeted Rendering. Meaning, you can now send a render to a specific machine. If you later want to add other machines, you still can.
  • ‘Stop on all Machines’ features (beta testing).
  • Fixed issue, where the app wouldn’t stop a render unless you selected ‘Force Stop’.
  • The AE Extension now remembers the last Work Folders used, allowing fast-switching between them (beta testing).
  • Main app now updates the AE Extension automatically.
  • Improved communication between AE Extension and the main app.
  • Improved reliability of sending Support Requests.
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Run On Startup’ setting wasn’t always saved.
  • Fixed an issue where rendering Image Sequences wouldn’t allow to add more threads.
  • Various improvements under the hood.
  • Added the option to finish files in AME instead of After Effects (in beta). This opens up the output options dramatically, most noticeably H264 files.
  • Added support for After Effects CC 2019
  • Removed bug where the machine would go into an infinite loop starting and stopping renders.
  • Added Contact Us button, for easier support requests.
  • Fixed bug that didn’t save correct settings when non-english characters where used in the folder name.
  • Added an offline installer
  • Various minor fixes.

Version 1.0.1

  • Fixed issue of After Effects stopping prematurely when GPU runs out of ram. Now if that happens, Render Boss automatically disables the GPU effects and tries again.
  • Changed the ID of each item from Date/Time to Sequential. It makes it easier to identify the different items in the File Queue. For example if the original file is called AeProj, it used to be shown as AeProj_20180202_111122. Now it will just be 0010_AeProj.
  • Added STOP SHUTDOWN button. This allows cancelling a Shutdown Command that was sent from a different machine.
  • Now Render Boss automatically starts on the Tray at startup, even if ‘Start On Tray’ is not selected’
  • Improved Reports
  • Replaced the main render method. Using a more involved method than the default aerender core. This VASTLY improves the communication between After Effects and Render Boss, and it allows for several enhancements, including:
  • A dramatically reduction in render errors when reducing threads or stopping renders. It also removes redundant re-renders due to corrupt frames.
  • Machines now negotiate with each other, and distribute the final video renders between them before finishing the temp files. Previously, they relied on After Effects checking which files where locked, which in certain cases produced unnecessary errors.
  • It works around an After Effects limitation with non-english characters in file and folder names.
  • Added Missing Effects checkup. Now renders will stop on machines without the necessary effects, but continue on the rest.
  • Added Right-Click Options to items in the File Queue
  • Improved the ‘Send Commands to Other Machines’ section. Including:
  • Reorganized the UI
  • Added System commands to Restart or Shutdown machines remotely (can be disabled per machine on the Options Panel)
  • ‘Send Options’ panel, which allows to send only certain options to other machines.
  • Now it’s possible to send the license info. to other machines
  • Improved Reports, particularly the Output File report.
  • Added Folder Dictionary (for Remote Renders, and eventually for Mac renders)
  • Added + – buttons to manually Increment or Decrease version number of Output Files
  • Improved Temp Files Cleanup management

Versions –

  • Added support for latest After Effects Update (April 2018)
  • Added Automatic Increment of Version number in Output Files
  • Improved Several
  • Added Output Details to Reports
  • Added multiple under-the-hood performance improvements
  • Improved Automatic Thread Manager (Bossing Style)
  • Fixed Issues
    • Licenses not validating outside the US
    • License erroneously said ‘you’re using too many networks’
    • No Audio on Videos Optimized for Multiple-Threads / Machines
    • AE Extension Version Error
    • Several errors when cancelling/stopping renders
    • Many smaller bugs

Version 1.0.0

  • Original Release

If you need to reach out, use the Contact Us button in the app.

If that’s not working, or you can’t launch the app, send us an email to: [email protected]