Render Boss for Mac – Beta Program

I’m glad you’re here!  Thanks for your interest in the Mac Beta.

The Beta Program for MacOS has closed because it is now Render Boss for Mac Beta is now available to everyone.

If you already have a license for Windows, you can use it with the Mac version as well.

The Beta has worked well for most people, but there might still be minor issues in some machines we haven’t tested. Also, there are still some minor features that we still haven’t ported from the PC version, but all the core rendering features work.

If you run into any issue. Please report it via the app menu (Help -> Contact Us), or by emailing That way we can make the experience better for everyone.

Windows / Cross-Platform Users

You will need the latest Beta for Windows ( or higher) to interact with MacOS machines over the network (see the link at the bottom of this page).

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Windows Latest Beta

Get the latest Beta version for Windows to ensure it works with the Mac version.