Create Comps based on a Master

An After Effects Script for those times when you need to create tons of comps from several clips, and they all need to have the same layers (like guide layers, effects, timecode, etc.)

You can create a single Master comp with all the effects and layers you need to include in all your comps. Then select all the clips, run the script, and it will create a comp per clip that includes all the layers from the Master.

To use:

  • Create a comp named Master and add all the layers you’d like to include in each comp.
  • Select all the clips from which you want to create comps, and run the script.
  • The script will create one Comp per clip. It will include all the layers and properties of the Master, but with the individual clip at the bottom.

The zip file includes two scripts. They both do the same thing, except one creates comps using the resolution and frame-rate from the Master, and the other uses the settings from each individual clip.

Please note: This tool is not in active development. However it is free and it should work (we try to remove the ones that are outdated), we just don't have the resources to provide support for it.

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